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Nepal Earthquake

Nepal was a country of beautiful historical heritages, wonder and peace but in 12/01/2072 (April 2015) at 11:56 a.m. NST (06:11:26 UTC) Nepal earthquake (also known as

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Earthquake Relief and Aid Programme

As soon as the April 25th Earthquake struck Nepal, which left over 8000+ people dead and 14 million homeless. Our team Varosa Nepal has been relentlessly,

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An effective sanitation program is essential to the overall success of any food handling operation. Good sanitation will be rewarded with improved morale, better productivity

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Works done

Varosa Nepal is distributing blankets for Earthquake victim of 2072 baishak 12 of Kamane-8, Hetauda.


Local community interested and also participate in sanitation program in school area of Kamane-8, Hetauda...

About Us

  Introduction Varosa Nepal is a non-profit organization established in the Nepal on 2073/5/30 by a small group of professionals working in the area of health and education. It